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For those seeking heritage, diverse arts, and cultural tourism the Florida Keys and Key West is a vibrant and welcoming destination. Throughout the year this island chain hosts a range of events: an annual literary seminar, a professional symphony orchestra series, film festivals, art walks, and more!

Exploring the region’s environmental and historic attractions can deepen an enjoyment of the Keys’ colorful culture and character—particularly for artists and writers seeking pristine natural locations and landscapes to spark their creativity.

Every visit to the Florida Keys and Key West becomes a journey full of wonder--there’s so much to experience you’ll be inspired to return again and again. For more information visit

Enjoy these stories on the arts of the Keys, sponsored by Florida Keys & Key West!


Jim "Scrimshaw" Sherrington in Key West | Art Loft 246 Segment


We head to Key West, where painter and scrimshaw artist, James Sherrington creates one of a kind pieces that incorporate the island’s history and its colorful characters.


The Jews of Key West by Arlo Haskell | Art Loft 713 Segment


KEY WEST, FL – Cigar manufacturing in Key West is often told as a Cuban story. And while the island country did have a meaningful impact, the industry was actually started by the Jewish community in Key West. Writer and historian Arlo Haskell reveals this history and more in his latest book, The Jews of Key West: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, and Revolutionaries (1823-1969). “I'm fascinated by untold histories or by secrets...and this book is full of that. My first phase of research was kind of trying to…fact check family stories,” says Haskell. One of those family stories includes one of his book’s main characters – Lewis Fine – and his involvement with Cuban freedom fighter José Martí. Listen as Haskell explains the connection between the Jewish population and the fight for Cuban independence. BEYOND THE EPISODE: To find out more about the book and purchase, visit: Instagram: @keywestliteraryseminar


Hand-Painted Glass in Stock Island | Art Loft 713 Segment


STOCK ISLAND, FL – Fused and stained glass artist Debbie Baudin uses a hand-painted technique that involves multiple firings and is very time-consuming. “If you mess up one little thing, you have to start all over again because it's permanent. You can't just wipe it away like you can on canvas,” explains Baudin. This is why she is only one of a few artists using the technique. As you’ll see, the results are a delicate piece of glass that plays with sunlight. BEYOND THE EPISODE: To see all of Debbie’s designs, check her out on Facebook: @ D's Designs, LLC You can also visit her website:


Street Art at oTHErside Adventure Park | Art Loft 713 Segment


MARATHON, FL - At a water sports park in the Florida Keys, tourists are also able to take home a subtle message - human effects on the environment. Owner and operator Matt Sexton works with tropical street artist Dave Lavernia to curate and commission murals for his oTHErside Adventure Park. The park has become a haven for muralists, many from Wynwood in Miami. Each year at their Earth Day Festival, they invite artists to create their vision. Eventually, they’d like to set up the murals as an art walk, spanning the length of the lake. “It's starting to really get traction and people are loving it,” says Lavernia. BEYOND THE EPISODE: David Lavernia’s work on Instagram: @ davel_art Website: More of the murals and artists on Instagram: @keyscable Website:


The Art of Seth at Portside Gallery | Art Loft 713 Segment


ISLAMORADA, FL - Artist Seth Pitt captures feelings we've all had, but may not have ever been able to articulate."I've seen people crying here, not once, not twice, but many times. Something about his words really strikes a chord with people," says Valerie Perreault, artist and owner of Portside Gallery in Islamorada. In her gallery, Perreault features a new artist every three months, and the feedback on these conceptual cartoons has been rewarding. “With good art, what the artist does is it makes the familiar new. And I really think that that's what Seth does. You look at it and you're like, yeah, I feel that I've thought that forever. I've just never had anyone put it into words or say it,” explains Perreault. For Seth, he would like to stress that if you feel in your soul you are an artist, you are an artist. Perrault says, "he is completely self-taught. He spent the first 22 years of his life thinking that he was not an artist. He didn't know how to draw a formally…so he was doing it as a hobby…at some point he stopped trying to be something that he thought other people wanted and started doing the things that made him fulfilled. That's when the show started coming out.” BEYOND THE EPISODE: The Art of Seth on Instagram: @TheArtofSeth Website: Portside Gallery on Instagram: @portsidegallery Website:

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